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White Sand and Stone


A safe space for clients to explore the extra-ordinary in their lives in a grounded and nurturing way

$100 - 60 minutes

Exploring the spiritual is not an easy journey. It invites us to expand our perceptions and understanding of the things we cannot see with the naked eye.

The last two years of the pandemic have seen a huge shift in sensibilities, power structures and spiritual awakening on a global level. Human beings are being called to take notice, to go inward and to explore their place in the grand scheme of things.

As a result, we are floundering to make meaning and to find purpose as so many truths are no longer relevant.

Bring your questions and let's explore what it means for you to connect.

  • Compelling conversation

  • Intuitive questioning

  • Energy sensing

  • Divination cards

  • Out of the ordinary signalling from Mother Nature

  • Dream Interpretation

  • Guided visualization

  • Inexplicables

Spiritual Matters: About Me
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