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You Are Doing a Great Job!

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

You Are Doing a Great Job!

I wanted to send a message to all the parents with school-aged children and who are struggling to do their very best to cope with the added stressors to their family's life. Hear this:

You are doing a great job!

  • Your patience has been tested.

  • Your parenting skills have been on a steeeeep learning curve.

  • You've had to juggle your needs with your children's needs in a way that you've never had to before.

  • You've been forced into roles you didn't think you'd ever have to play.

  • You've yelled, a lot.

  • You've slammed doors.

  • You've gone for anger walks.

  • You've said things you wish you could retract immediately after they left your mouth.

  • You've found yourself looking at your children and wondering who the heck they are.

  • You've been scanning your brain for any options to get them out of your hair for even half an hour.

  • Your carefully constructed routines and boundaries have gone AWOL.

  • You feel like you're making it up as you go along.

  • You are worried about their social, academic, and emotional health.

  • The number of time-outs in your household has grown exponentially.

  • Possibly, so has the number of liquor bottles in your pantry.

All of which is to say, forgive yourself. Nothing could have prepared you for being a parent through a pandemic. But you've stepped up. You met the challenge with love, humour, and flexibility. You have been present for your family's needs, their fears, their frustrations and disappointments all while just trying to get through the day yourself.

Your resilience is legendary.

Let that sink in.

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