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  • Dana Webster

What Now? Moving Out of Isolation

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

As we move into the vaccinated phase of the pandemic and restrictions begin to lift, there is an expectation that our lives will go back to "normal." For some, the sweet release of freedom can't come any faster. But for many, the imminent aspect of life with and among other people is causing anxiety and apprehension. This is particularly true of introverts who have fared a little better through the isolation than extroverts who crave and require interactions with others in order to feel energized and psychologically positive.

Personally, I've appreciated the limited number of choices brought on by the restrictions. As an introvert, I have constantly to weigh my energy (and interest) levels against the demands of an extroverted world to engage and socialize.

Will we now be expected to jump back into the swing of things - drinks on the patio, pool parties, crowds, noise and busy-ness? I know, for me at least, that I have a renewed respect for my natural tendency to lay low, to enjoy solitariness, and to not having to go out into the world and be "on".

The good news is that the freedom roll-out is gradual. Use this time to decide, on a case by case basis, if you are ready to say yes to increased socializing and being among people. Really pay attention to what your instincts are telling you; pick and choose the activities that light you up. Dip your toe into new waters and work your way up to a "normal" life that may or may not include all the things you said yes to before but wished you'd declined.

Even if you don't identify as an introvert, I suggest a gradual re-entry. We are all suffering the effects of isolation and restriction. Be gentle with yourself as you learn to navigate the new you in a world that will never be the same as it was.

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