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What If Our Mental Illness ...

... isn't an illness at all? What if it's the world around us that's ill? And we have just found ways to cope with the overwhelm?

Educator Kim John Payne has a name for it: Soul Fever. In his book, Simplicity Parenting, Payne's focus is mainly on children but it is easy to apply the same theory and treatment to adults.

Soul fever can be caused from over-activity, not enough rest, and exposure to stress, too much stimulation and an inability to process or handle it. In his research, Payne found that kids were exhibiting PTSD symptoms from a constant level of stress building up.

Soul fever is when this constant stress tips over the top.

Symptoms of soul fever can include:

  1. irritability

  2. volatility

  3. agitation

  4. withdrawal

  5. shutdown

  6. grief/sadness

  7. confusion

  8. anger

  9. etc.

Sound familiar? Over the last few years, our lives have become exponentially chaotic and troublesome. Symptoms of anxiety and depression are on the rise. What is needed is rest, deep soulful rest. Space and time for processing and healing from a world gone mad.

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