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  • Dana Webster

Waiting to Exhale

I've noticed lately that I am short of breath. Little things like pulling on my boots or walking up a mild incline and I find myself having to pause and suck in air. I know it sounds like a Covid-19 symptom but I don't have Covid. So, what's going on?

Grief is my best guess. For two years we've been struggling with loss and sadness, not to mention a total 180 from what we're used to. We've been in a chronic state of emotional lockdown with no meaningful relief in sight. We miss normalcy - going out to see friends and family, hanging with work buddies, people-watching at a cafe, working out at the gym. We miss physical touch. We miss seeing people's smiles and other facial expressions.

Worse, we are experiencing, of late, the world as hate-filled and heart-depleted. It's hard to know where to turn for kindness and warmth. We steel ourselves against the onslaught of yet more bad news, yet more bad behaviour.

We hold it all in; we forget to exhale. The result? Energetically blocked lungs and heart. Shallow breathing. Shortness of breath.

The remedy? Expansiveness. Deep breathing. Long body stretches. Give yourself a break. Shut out the world of insanity. Find yourself again.


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