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Under Pressure

Some weeks I find myself at a loss for anything relevant to write about. I am the type who does things at the last minute (like write this post). I used to shame myself for being lazy or for "putting off today what can be done tomorrow". But then I discovered the term productive procrastination and I freed myself from judgment.

Basically, to be a productive procrastinator involves doing beneficial things while delaying doing more important things. It is a way of keeping the important thing on the back burner, percolating away, not entirely out of mind. Ruminating. In the mean time, while you are aware of a deadline, you get other stuff done.

Some people work really well under pressure. I am one of them. I can seemingly not do something for weeks and then, in a burst of laser-focussed energy, I get it done just under the wire. I have learned to trust this inner process because I know I will get it done when it needs to be done. I can take the pressure off having to "be productive" for its own sake.

I am not a do-er. I am a be-er. Busy makes me uncomfortable. Busy means I don't have the time and space to simply be in my thoughts and impressions. I like time to be expansive and fluid and full of possibilities. Until something is due, and then I switch into Do.

The best thing about knowing and honouring how you operate best in the world (rather than trying to fit into the accepted model) is the trust in self that develops. Instead of trying to be something other than you are, you learn to work with what comes naturally.

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