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  • Dana Webster

The Myths Of Manifesting

There is a lot of sketchy advice out there about how to manifest things like good relationships, the perfect job, the raciest of cars. We hear about the Laws of Attraction, and having a good heart, and being deserving. But what does it really mean to ask the universe for something?

First and most importantly, it's about alignment with your greatest good. Thing is, what's best for you in this moment may be to experience heartache, or failure, or betrayal.

What's good for you doesn't necessarily feel good. Lessons are lessons; some of them hurt.

Manifesting is about asking the universe what you need and then being open to receiving it. The problem with coming at it from a place of feeling deserving is that if we don't get what we're asking for, we somehow make it about us not being enough or the universe not paying attention. But manifesting is more of a co-production, a teamwork-type situation.

If you agree that life is about lessons and that sometimes we do not accept the lesson when it is offered (as is our right as free-willed human beings), we are, without a doubt, going to get another opportunity later down the road, then it is only a short hop to understanding that manifestation requires both an offer (from the universe) and an acceptance (on your part).


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