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  • Dana Webster

Springing Forth

It is around this time every year when I start to feel restless within. There are inklings of Spring underneath the snow and frozen earth. I wonder if all that new growth/new birth under the surface is expending so much energy that I can feel it on the soles of my feet.

Anticipation is bittersweet. In my day, as a kid, we had to wait for most things. Not much was instant gratification like it is today. We had to/got to sit with our curiosity for extended periods of time. We also had to be okay with the fact that we might never know the answer to whatever questions we had. I think this taught us patience and fortitude. It probably also made us a bit more philosophical about life.

I can feel something new wanting to burst forth, wanting to find its footing but, well, all in good time. Whatever it is, it's still germinating. It barely knows its own self yet; how can I possibly know anything about it? I have cycled through this so many times in my, ahem, almost 60 years that the frustration of waiting for clarity is actually a pleasant feeling.

Spring is officially here in less than a week! What's germinating for you?

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