• Dana Webster

Sitting With the Pain

A new song and song writer has entered my orbit. The song is called The Eye and it's beautifully, painfully sung by Brandi Carlile. In it, she says this:

You might make it further if you learn to stay

And that, in a nutshell, is what healing work is all about. It's about feeling the pain ... and feeling it a little longer. I know it's hard a thing to do. Our instincts scream at us to run away, run away! But, staying allows us to go a little deeper, to gain a clearer understanding of how that pain is holding us back from living a fully realized life.

The seemingly flip saying No pain, no gain is, in fact, stunningly appropriate when it comes to emotional healing. No one is immune. No one. Life is about both tribulation and whatever the opposite of that is (my grammar brain has taken a holiday today).

We can choose to tell ourselves that we are tougher, stronger, smarter than the pain that lives within. Or, we can acknowledge it, greet it, sit with it, and release it.

You might make it further if you learn to stay.

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