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  • Dana Webster

Shine Your Light

Inside every one of us is a light, an eternal internal flame. We are born with it and we will transition on with it. It never goes out. Sometimes life does its darnedest to snuff out its luminescence, sometimes we are so overwhelmed by the dark that we forget this light even exists. But it does. Always. The tiniest of embers can yet bloom into full force firelight.

Sometimes others want us to dim our light, our love, our exuberance, our hope, our compassion. They say we shine too brightly, that we are too much. And I say no to that. This light is our very essence, the core of our being, the connection to all that is our divine humanity.

As a wise woman I once knew said, "When someone tells you to dim your light, you tell them to get sunglasses."

The world, perhaps now more than ever, needs all the bright light it can get. Now is the time to let it shine!

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