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  • Dana Webster

Reimagine Your Story

As adults, we carry stories about ourselves that were often created in childhood or through our teenage years. These stories can be trauma-informed or perhaps they simply grew out of other negative experiences.

If your story does come from trauma, chances are you harbour The Victim persona. And, in response to that, you might also have a Rebel or a Protector or a People-pleaser in there somewhere.

What if you could rewrite your story? Sure, what happened happened but we can reframe our thinking about how it affected us. If you want to break out of old thinking and feeling, if you want to shift stagnant energy, rewriting your story can be a powerful tool.

1. Think of an event that negatively affected you, one that you would like to break free of.

2. Free-write the details, just get your pen moving and don't stop writing for a minimum of 10 minutes.

3. Read over your familiar story, take it in.

4. Rewrite the events so that they reflect how you would like to remember it. Did someone protect you? Were you able to tell someone who compassionately listened?

5. Keep writing and rewriting until you have the story you want.

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