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  • Dana Webster

Plagued by Monkey Mind?

We are in the midst of a mental health crisis. Of that there can be no doubt. The cost of psychotherapy/counselling has been on a steep climb since the beginning of the pandemic. A fact that I find concerning. While at the same time, anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications are ever more affordable, forcing hurting people to turn to medication as their sole support while missing out on the proven benefits of one-on-one therapy.

I think we forget that our body is an equal player in the state of our mental health. Anxiety and depression live in the body. Sure, you are going to need your head to collaborate with your body in order to heal, but just trying to figure it out or just willing yourself to feel better is simply not going to work.

Yes, you can rewire neural pathways - we know this now - but, interestingly, the quickest and most effective way to do this is through movement, through tactile engagement. Breaking the cycle of "monkey mind", those inner thoughts that are on a loop, does not require will power or a stern talking to. It requires stepping outside of the head and into the body.

A recent article in Psychology Today (Nov 2021: Alice Boyes, Ph.D) offers these suggestions for "breaking the cycle of rumination."

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