• Dana Webster

Mental Health Awareness

It is gratifying to see mental health become less taboo, less secretive, less shame and weakness based. Once we accept that everyone and I mean everyone at one time or another will experience confusion, depression, anxiety, trauma, fear, panic, grief, curiosity, anger, etc., we will come to see that the human experience is universal and forever changing.

Somehow, we got it in our heads that attaining a constant state of happiness is the primary goal in life without understanding that happiness, like all the other states of being, is fleeting. Happiness dips in and out of our lives just as do all the other emotions.

It is the very nature of being human.

And we are not meant to cope alone. We are social beings. We need the comfort and support of other compassionate people to help us through difficult times. Sometimes all that is needed is a soft shoulder to cry on; other times it's the help of a trained professional. Either way, it takes strength and courage to speak your pain. There is no shame in that.

If life is taking you down a path that you don't understand or that you are finally ready to step off of, reach out to someone who can help. Keep looking until you find the person that is right for you.

Hopefully, one day, we won't need a month to highlight mental health awareness because as long as we do, we stigmatize it. We "other" it as though the ups and downs of living a life is outside the "norm". It's not. Nothing, in fact, could be more normal.

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