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Looking for a mental health professional? Part One

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

More and more, people are reaching out for support and guidance, often for the first time. When it comes to finding the right mental health professional for you, know that one size does not fit all. Some clients are looking for very specific credentials, modalities, and expertise. Others just need someone to talk to, to bounce thoughts and feelings off of, and need other ways of approaching their problems. Some have deep-seated trauma issues and others are looking for practical parenting support. For every need there is a helping professional. I promise the right person for you is out there.

It's important to shop around for the right fit.

Studies show that the therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client is the number one determiner of success. Yes, training and professionalism are important but if you and your counsellor don't jibe, it's not likely to work.

Before you start your search, take a few moments and ask yourself:

  • Why am I looking for therapy at this time? What am I feeling?

  • My ideal counsellor ...

  • What I definitely don't want in a counsellor is ...

  • What have I heard about therapy that makes me uneasy?

  • What are my goals for counselling?

  • What kind of a time commitment am I able to make?

  • What can I afford?

Find out if we're a good fit for counselling. Book a free 30-minute consultation.

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