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  • Dana Webster

Hope vs Faith

I think of hope as coming from some external source where we rely on someone or something else to bring a good outcome. As in, "I hope the weather holds for the picnic on Saturday." Or, "I hope my interview goes well." That kind of thing.

Whereas faith is about inner strength. Faith knows from experience that no matter the outcome, we will be okay. Faith knows that if it rains on Saturday, we can move our picnic indoors and still be a good time. Faith knows that we will bring our best self to the interview and, if we are the right fit, we will get the job. If not, we will move on to the next opportunity.

Hope is passive and robs us of personal agency. Hope wouldn't know what to do with the rain.

Faith is borne of the down and dirty experiences of life.

I don't believe in the concept of blind faith. Blind suggests that we have no clues, no touchstones, no experiences on which to base our faith.

Blind faith is hope in disguise.

I don't hope that I will survive the pandemic and its attendant chaos. I have faith that I will. Why? Because I have lived through other challenging times and, as a result, I have developed coping mechanisms and a deepened reliance on my own strengths.

You've come this far. You are going to be okay.

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