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  • Dana Webster

Home Is Where The Heart Is

This is an idiom that brings me immense pleasure and fills me with a warm and fuzzy feeling because it means that where ever I feel love, I am at home. Home is about safety, contentment, and the freedom to be exactly who I am. Whether I am curled up beside a cozy fire and reading a good book or trudging through the snow in the woods, or on a Zoom call with family, I am home. It's not about having the perfect paint colour for the walls, or the fanciest kitchen gadgets or even the biggest house, unless those things bring you the feeling of home.

Being away from home means feeling uncomfortable, uncertain, unsafe. Our sense of home can be disrupted by numerous factors like, say, a pandemic 😀. When we feel a long way from home, the trick is to centre and ground back into our own heart space where love resides and patiently awaits our return.

Book recommendation: Home: A Short History of An Idea by Witold Rybczynski

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