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Feminine Power

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

I've been noticing an interesting trend in my practice. Time and again women are telling me they are feeling the urge to move in a different direction, to step onto an as yet unknown path than the one they have been on for many years. For some, there is a feeling of excitement and curiosity. For others, a tentativeness and even fear.

This pull shows up as a yearning for deeper connection to themselves and within their existing relationships. Shallow thinking and easy "fixes" to life's existential questions are no longer enough. Feminine energy is on the rise.

Many women have been laying the groundwork for this paradigm shift. It's been going on for decades but the #MeToo movement really gave it the push it needed. There is no going back from that one.

The world has, on one level, become a safer place for women to express themselves authentically. We see far more women's stories in various media and as entertainment. Memoir writing by women has hit an all-time high. Women are speaking out about their shared experiences, washing shame away, and placing the blame for it where it belongs.

It's never a bad thing when unbalanced energies begin to right themselves so that both yin and yang can once again work in harmony with one another. I see that this is happening now. The wave is not as yet cresting in favour of feminine power but it's coming.

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