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I subscribe to the theory that we are always, at every moment of the day, in a place of choice. Consciously choosing a course of action, a belief, an attitude is empowering. It puts personal responsibility and autonomy at the forefront of our everyday activities.

The thing to remember is this:

There's choice and there's hard choice.

What to have for breakfast, toast or english muffin, is an easy one. Whether or not to leave your marriage is a hard one. Either way, you are in charge. You are forwarding your life in a direction of your choosing.

Avoiding choosing what is best for you because it is hard or complicated is only natural. In this case, you can consciously choose not to choose. Doing nothing is also a choice.

Best not to pretend the crossroad doesn't exist, though. The key is to be honest with yourself, acknowledge that you are not ready to make a change and then stick it on the back burner where it can simmer and wait until you are feeling stronger enough to make the pivot. Trust that in the background, your mind, your heart and your spirit are working together toward helping you get there.

Need some help with the hard choices?

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