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  • Dana Webster

Childhood Bullying

My personal experience of childhood bullying has haunted me and formed me in ways that still cut deep. From grade 3 through grade 6, I was sexually and physically assaulted, taunted, and otherwise treated egregiously by many of the boys at my small neighbourhood elementary school. Teachers and the principal were well-aware of what was happening to me yet chose to misguidedly and rather heartlessly blame the bullying on me. I have since encountered other women who tell a similar story.

My own healing journey lead to me to release Victim as an identity. It has been both painful and powerful. I can now talk about those 4 years and the subsequent fallout from them for the many years following without anger (okay, I'm still a work in progress).

Childhood bullying is one of those things our society would like us to put aside now that we are grown up. Apparently, we are to look on it as a naturally occurring circumstance of the playground. And, besides, it was so long ago, you should be over it by now. Right?

And yet, bullying in the adult workplace is ubiquitous. If we don't heal our wounds from childhood, we carry them with us into adulthood.

If you are still grappling with the effects of childhood bullying, come and see me, whether you were the bully or the bullied or both, as is so often the case, I can help.

Find out if we are a good fit for counselling. Book a free 30-minute consultation.

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