"Hurry up and get better"

Counselling and Your Insurance Benefits

     When people contact me about counselling, they often ask if my services are covered by their company's insurance benefits and the answer is no, not usually. Does that mean they should just move on and find someone whose services are covered? Not necessarily. And here's why.

     First, you want to make sure you are working with the right helping professional for you. If your priority is benefits coverage, you might miss out on a whole range of support opportunities that could just be the perfect thing for you.

     Secondly, the coverage most companies offer is rarely adequate for the needs of effective counselling. With hourly rates for counselling now ranging from $150 - $200 and more, your benefits might cover three or four sessions. If you want to continue the work, you are now paying $200 out of pocket every week (that's about $10,000/year). Now the pressure is on to "hurry up and get better" because your budget is overtaxed by this expense. Not the best motivator for making a commitment to mental health.

     Good counselling takes time and patience. It's not something you want to have to rush through or cut short.

This is why I keep my rates reasonable. I believe mental health should be affordable.